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You've been abducted. By aliens. Again.Ever since you can remember they have been experimenting with your brain. You are still puzzled what these tests are all about. The experiments deal with pictures. They need you to recognize objects, understand shapes and patterns. It is not easy to please them all the time. But if you find the solution, they seem delighted. You've gotten used to the situation, you've started to like them. You hope they like you too because they keep telling you: the fate of your entire planet lies on your shoulders...
Now you want to show them what you and your species are capable of.
Observed facts:-no ads -permission for in app billing: to support the developers-permission for internet: to download new image bundles and share experiments with friends -8 different experiments-hundreds of pictures-8 levels of progress-ingenious insults-lots of achievements to hunt-innovative concepts and ways of thinking - they seem alien to this planet!-open source project! Questions? Want to contribute? Get in touch! :)